Finding and attracting top talent can be an uphill battle in the competitive job market of today. When it comes to locating passive individuals who may not be actively looking for new employment options, traditional recruitment tactics frequently fall short. But now that artificial intelligence (AI) features have become accessible, you have powerful instruments at their disposal to find and connect with these elusive candidates. This post will examine some of the most popular AI applications that can improve your online hiring processes. Feel free to try : Waalaxy, Jobin, Expandi, Wiza, Phantombuster, Salesmessage, Zopto, Surfe, and Drop Contact.

  1. Waalaxy: Waalaxy is a growth platform driven by AI that helps recruiters to automate their outreach campaigns on LinkedIn.Waalaxy automates the process of connecting with possible candidates and cultivating connections with the use of cutting-edge features like personalisation, follow-ups, and scheduling.
  2. Jobin: Jobin is a machine learning-driven job board that uses AI to connect job seekers with relevant jobs. Its clever recommendation engine makes sure that your job listings are seen by the best individuals, boosting the likelihood that you’ll find the ideal fit for your business.
  3. Expandi: is an automated solution for LinkedIn that enables recruiters to scale their outreach initiatives. Expandi helps recruiters make the most of their time by automating connection requests, communications, and follow-ups while yet retaining a personalized approach. Additionally, it provides sophisticated targeting tools that let recruiters customize their campaigns for particular markets, occupations, or places.
  4. Wiza: By automating the extraction of contact details from LinkedIn profiles, Wiza makes the process of prospecting for email addresses more straightforward. With the aid of this technology, recruiters may swiftly compile a list of email addresses for possible applicants, improving their capacity to get in touch with and connect with passive talent.
  5. Phantombuster: is a flexible automation tool that may be used for a variety of recruitment-related tasks. It enables recruiters to crawl websites for candidate data, automate LinkedIn conversations, and extract useful data from social media platforms. Recruiters may find hidden talent pools and gain a competitive edge in their hiring processes by using Phantombuster.
  6. Salesmessage is an effective text messaging service that may be used to engage candidates. Recruiters may automate text-based communications, issue reminders, and have individualized dialogues with prospects using its AI-driven capabilities, which will increase response rates and shorten the hiring process.
  7. Zopto: Zopto is a LinkedIn automation solution powered by AI that was created exclusively for lead generation and hiring. With Zopto, recruiters can engage with passive candidates on a massive scale, saving time and effort while increasing their chances of meeting top talent by automating profile views, connection requests, and messages.
  8. Using the web scraping application Surfe, recruiters can obtain information from multiple online sources. Surfe offers recruiters with information by automating the extraction of data from job boards, professional networking sites, and other pertinent platforms.
  9. Drop Contact: Drop Contact is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and validate email addresses. Drop Contact simplifies the time-consuming chore of manually collecting email addresses by conducting contact information searches based on names and domains, freeing up recruiters to concentrate on forming deep connections with potential applicants.

Your ability to find and connect with passive applicants can be dramatically improved by integrating these AI tools into your online recruitment approach. These technologies speed up the hiring process, boost efficiency, and eventually raise the caliber of the applicant pool by automating various components of it.